North Energy Ventures is an early-stage venture capital firm focused on energy efficiency, oil & gas and other energy-related technologies. We are highly active and value-added investors with more than 30 years of experience in venture capital industry and strong track record of building successful companies as investors and entrepreneurs in cleantech and new materials sectors. We partner with exceptional teams developing disruptive technologies with global market potential. North Energy Ventures invests globally and has offices in US and Russia.


Ivan Protopopov
Ivan served for more than 4 years as Partner at seed stage investing and accelerating firm Atom Partners. Ivan invested several technology companies in energy, instrumentation and IT including Dashboard and Aerogreen. Ivan is a board member at Fidesys and MedPro.
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Daniel Shaposhnikov
Co-founder and Partner in North Energy Ventures. Daniel has over 10 years experience in venture capital with IFTI, Foresight Ventures and Synergy VC. After 2 years as Entrepreneur in residence in AVK Lab (IFTI portfolio), Daniel achieved growth of the company from the prototype stage to global sales of $3M+ in 10 countries. Daniel is an angel investor in several hi-tech companies, among them AT Energy, StopSleep. Member of the board of directors in BM Power, Perfobur, ADL Completions, AT Energy.
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Daniel Colbert
Dan has more than 20 years of venture capital and entrepreneurial experience in cleantech industry. Prior to joining NEV he was a c-level executive at US cleantech venture capital firm NGEN Partners with $230m+ AUM and a lead fund partner at $140m+ cleantech fund with German firm Wermuth Asset Management. Dan also co-founded with Nobel laureate Richard Smalley a materials company Carbon Nanotechnologies, acquired by WisePower for $140m after merger with Unidym.
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Pavel Mazitov
Pavel has over 6 years of experience in executive search consulting and investments. Pavel is a co-founder in HR consulting & recruitment company and angel investor in several startups. Pavel is a board member at Nagora Capital that is focused on investments in Metals & Mining. Pavel holds a BSc degree in economics from the National Research University - Higher School of Economics. Pavel is a member of HSE Career Board.
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Kseniya Oparovskaya
A Graduate of Gubkin State University of Oil and Gas, Kseniya works on most of oil&gas and energy efficiency deals of North Energy Ventures. She is also the driving force behind G100k, the first Russian oil&gas tech accelerator. Prior to joining NEV, Kseniya helped develop the $10m+ subsea tieback project in the Sea of Okhotsk for GE Oil&Gas. She is an honorary scholar of the Russian Economy Fund for creation and development of several social impact projects.
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We are looking for companies with disruptive technologies in energy (ex-solar and wind), oil & gas, materials. We are interested in enhanced oil recovery, hydrofracturing related technologies, drilling systems and pumps, reservoir monitoring, energy transmission and storage, waste heat recovery, sensors and metering, industrial IoT and robotization, materials and coatings. We like large markets with problems uniquely addressed by technology, experienced management teams, sustainable and scalable business models. We search for companies with at least working prototype and clearly-demonstrated proof-of-concept.


Geostreering Technologies

GTI develops advanced software and provides online geosteering services for drilling of horizontal and inclined oil wells, helping customers save hundreds of thousands of dollars on LWD (logging-while-drilling) sensors and associated costs.


ADL Completions

ADL Completions developed groundbreaking completion technology to reduce the capital intensity of building multilateral wells. Specially for sidetrack operations, technology allows access and production from the mother wellbore. Clients include Gazpromneft, Novatek, etc.


BM Power

BM Power develops and produce hydrogen-air fuel cells (PEM FC), allowing unmanned aerial vehicles to extend flight time up to 10 times, chemical sources of hydrogen and other electrochemical energy sources.



Perfobur is a cost efficient and reliable radial drilling technology that allows drilling 50m long perforation channels with 100% controlled trajectory to increase oil recovery in o&g wells during workover and completion.



Axel develops intelligent drilling rig technologies, including integrated telemetry systems for geosteering and algorithms for transmitting data from MWD/LWD to the surface.



RFSaw designs and manufactures temperature monitoring and current measurement systems based on surface acoustic wave technology that allows usage of passive “battery free" sensors.


RRT Global

RRT develops next-gen catalytic distillation technologies for clean and energy efficient high-octane EURO-5 gasoline production.



Alvega company carries out scientific research activities in the field of petrochemistry and oil refining concentrated on the processing of light hydrocarbon fractions. Alvega technologies solve the problem of short life of solid phase catalysts and CAPEX/OPEX reduction



T-Seismo & Terraflow technologies increase injectivity of wells by combining seismic and chemical treatment. It gives an increase of 85% in injectivity and 30% of additional oil recovery (for reacting well block).



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